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Redevelopment of ATS Commission Standards and Procedures

First Public Drafts of Proposed Standards and Policies and Procedures

On December 2, 2019, the ATS Board of Commissioners released for comment the first set of public drafts of the proposed Commission Standards (text-only version and annotated version) and the proposed Policies and Procedures (annotated version) These first drafts are the result of 18 months of work led by the 19-member redevelopment task force appointed by the Board. The task force began its work the day after the ATS membership voted unanimously in June 2018 to authorize a comprehensive redevelopment of these documents—the first major revision since 1996. These first drafts also build upon the four-year ATS Educational Models and Practices Project that involved more than 90 percent of the membership. The task force and ATS staff have published some 20 articles to keep the membership updated on this process since it was first announced in March of 2018 (click here for a list and access).

To begin this two-year process, the task force spent a “year of listening” in 2018-2019, engaging more than 700 ATS participants from nearly 200 schools. They gathered more than a thousand member comments through 50 different focus groups and analyzed more than a hundred pages of reports from a dozen different working groups. As a result, these first public drafts reflect some major changes—all in response to what the task force heard repeatedly from the membership: a strong desire for a simpler, clearer set of standards and policies that focus on educational quality and contextual flexibility, while streamlining many accreditation processes.

Ways to Provide Input on Public Drafts

The drafts released on December 2 are the first of three sets of public drafts that seek input from the membership and the public. The comment period for the first public drafts ends January 3, 2020. Based on that feedback, a second set of public drafts will be released on February 17, 2020, with that comment period ending March 4, 2020. The third and final set of public drafts will be released on May 8, 2020, well before the membership votes on new standards and policies at the ATS Biennial meeting in Vancouver on June 24-25, 2020.

The Board-appointed task force has developed many ways for the membership and public to comment on the various drafts of the proposed Standards and Policies and Procedures, including these options:
• Complete a brief survey on the Proposed ATS Commission Standards and Policies
• Post a comment in the Engage ATS online community open forum
• Attend one of the Q & A “redevelopment” sessions this year at an ATS leadership event
• Participate in one of six regional “membership-input” sessions or two webinars this spring that will help determine the third and final draft (click here to register)
• Email the task force at


The Redevelopment Task Force met at the ATS office in October 2019 to work on drafts of the Standards and the Policies and Procedures.