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Procedures, Policies, and Bylaws

Procedures Policies and Bylaws

Procedures, Policies, and Bylaws

A single, searchable document containing the ATS Commission Policies and Procedures, the Policy Manual of the Board of Commissioners, and the Bylaws of the Commission on Accrediting. (09/11/18)

commission on accrediting policies and procedures

ATS Commission Policies and Procedures

The member schools of the Commission on Accrediting have adopted a set of Commission Policies and Procedures that relate to accreditation and membership. They have equal force with the Standards (see sections 2.3 and 2.4 of the Commission Bylaws). (06/08/15)

Board of Commissioners Policy Manual

Policy Manual of the Board of Commissioners

In the context of its duties to make decisions regarding accreditation, the Board of Commissioners (elected by the membership for that purpose) is responsible for adopting and overseeing policies that ensure thorough and fair evaluation of schools and for consistently applying the Commission’s standards and procedures (see Commission Policies and Procedures VIII.A.3). All such policies are contained in the Board’s Policy Manual, including references to guidelines for conducting self-studies and for petitioning for substantive change that are published in the Self-Study Handbook. (07/10/18)

commission bylaws


The Commission on Accrediting has adopted a set of Bylaws that describe, among other things, the Commission membership and the Board of Commissioners. (09/11/18)