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Institutional and student data

The research function is charged with interpreting institutional data compiled from the Annual Report Forms completed by all member schools each fall as well as student data collected by participating schools.

Institutional data

This collection of data is particularly useful for tracking long-term trends and for establishing a broader context for more in-depth investigations. Our policy is to provide a limited amount of this information on a school-by-school basis and some more sensitive information in aggregated form to preserve confidentiality.

  • Annual Data Tables—graphs and tables on institutional characteristics, enrollment, faculty composition and compensation, finances, and development (collected annually since 1975)
  • Strategic Information Report—a tailored analysis of each school’s financial performance over 10 years, benchmarked to other theological schools
  • Institutional Peer Profile Report—a tailored analysis of each school’s data benchmarked against up to 15 ATS schools identified by the requesting institution as peer institutions.

Student data

Student data are collected by more than 175 schools who choose to use the Entering and Graduating Student and Alumni/ae Questionnaires.

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